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If you are looking for an item for your baby to have a lot of fun at home safely, check out the carefully selected collection of the best baby doorway jumpers available this year that our professionals have prepared especially for you.

If you want to help him in his psychological development, some expert recommendations are to leave the child in a safe place, like a playpen or baby park, for example, to play, practice standing, etc. Toys should be large cubes, rings, balls etc.

You can also use jumpers for babies, which help strengthen the muscles of your legs, but only for a period of 10 to 15 minutes a day.

If you want to know more about the jumpers for baby and you are interested in comparing one, keep reading the post

How to Choose the Best Jumper for My Baby?

To choose the jumper that best suits your needs we have prepared a purchase guide that will be very useful when buying a door jumper or static jumpers for babies.

SECURITY: Security is very important. A door jumper is more insecure than a static jumper , since the baby can hit the walls of the frame when jumping, if it is not guarded. That’s why you should pay more attention when the baby is in this toy.

For a door jumper to be as safe as possible we must ensure that it has a strong and resistant clamp with more than 2 adjustable safety straps to support the weight and height of the baby.

You should also check the resistance of your door frame. If appropriate, proceed to place the jumper and follow the instructions for use:

  • The clamp should be placed 1.25 cm from the door molding
  • The thickness of the wall should be from 7.6 cm to 16.5 cm
  • Check if the clamp was properly fastened.

COMFORT : The jumper’s seat should be padded and soft materials with your baby’s skin, such as cotton or a combination of synthetic and natural materials such as polyester and cotton, while more natural fabrics contain is better.

For a static jumper they would apply the same previous recommendations.

SUPPORT : Most baby jumpers, both door and static, support 8 to 12 kilos or last from 6 months to 1 year 6 months of age. Of course, the weight and age of each baby can vary, not all are the same, but we rely on the average parameters of the WHO ( World Health Organization ), to have a reference indicator.

With a jumper that supports these weights is enough since they will stop using it once they learn to crawl and then to walk.

MATERIALS : As we discussed earlier, the seat of both types of baby jumpers must be natural fabrics or a combination of them.

The door jumper clamp must be made of strong metal.

In the case of the stationary jumper, if the structure is metal, better since it can be used for longer.

CLAMP CLAMP: the clamp of the door jumper must be resistant and adjustable to any door frame, it must be revised in the instructions of use if it is compatible with the width of your door frame or not.

PORTABLE FOLDING: Door jumpers are characterized by being easy to store and take anywhere in your home because they do not take up much space and are lightweight. In contrast, stationary jumpers are larger and heavier. This is where you should look for one that is collapsible.

DESIGN : The colors and designs should be those that you like the most, there are animals, sailors, Disney characters, multicolored, one color, etc. We recommend you green, gray, yellow, orange, or Unisex jumpers, so that both boys and girls can use it.

OTHER FUNCTIONALITIES / ACCESSORIES : Baby jumpers can include music, dolls, lights, cards with illustrations, etc. for the visual and auditory development of the child.

PRICE: Finally it is important to review the budget with which you account. Door jumpers are more economical than stationary jumpers because they have fewer accessories and basically only have the seat, the adjustment straps and the clamp, while the stationary include more functionalities and their materials are more expensive.

Top 8 Baby Jumper Reviews


This fun jumper will love the baby because every hop emits music and lights. Also, the seat rotates 360 degrees so that he can take all the toys around him. This develops your motor capacity at the same time as your senses.

In addition to insurance, it brings many benefits to your baby due to the multiple functions it contains, without a doubt the best jumper of all.

  • Materials : Its structure is made of strong steel which allows the child to jump safely. The pier is covered with a soft tissue that protects baby’s fingers
  • Accessories : It has interactive toys like the roller, turning it activates music and lights. In addition, parents can also activate 5 minutes of music and uninterrupted lights.

The baby can hit the Toucan and the hanging frog, the funny tiger plays “hide and seek” with the child, contains a lizard-rattle and a monkey that swings. As well as a fun bar with colored rings.

  • Functions : The height is adjustable to 3 positions to adapt to the child.
  • Support : Maximum weight 12 Kg or 1 year 6 months of age.
  • It works with 3AA batteries included.
  • Folding : The frame is foldable, that is, it can be easily stored

The following video shows how to assemble the Fisher price jumper  K7198:


This jumper hangs on the door frame, entertains and entertains the baby and, with its comfortable , snug seat , helps maintain a correct posture . It is safe thanks to its resistance clamp and its mechanism that guarantees a resistance of one million jumps.

It is considered the ergonomic jumper that fits perfectly to the body of the baby.

  • Support : Recommended maximum weight: 12 Kg and maximum recommended height: 82.5 cm or up to 1 year 6 months of age.
  • Clamp : Resistant clamp that fits the door frame. This must be placed in the frame if it meets the following specifications:
    • The inner wall should have a thickness between 10-17 cm
    • The door frame requires a permanent lintel with a minimum width of 1.5 cm.
    • Inspect the lintel to make sure it is secure and can support a baby’s weight
  • Ergonomic : The seat holds the baby well and ensures correct posture
  • Comfortable : Soft seat, padded and machine washable.
  • Portable : It is lightweight and easy to store.
  • Genre : Unisex

There is also the model 051188 Jumper with lion, which has striking colors, a nice lion and 2 chewable rings that favors the gesticulation of the gums.


The door jumpers stimulate, entertain and exercise your baby without taking up space on the floor. They are comfortable and easy to clean. This jumper fits most interior doors. In addition to that it is safe thanks to the frame of its seat that reaches to the chest .

  • Support : Recommended maximum weight: 11 Kg and maximum recommended height: 79 cm or up to 1 year 3 months of age.
  • Safety : The seat has a frame that surrounds the child up to the chest in case of blows. The straps adjust to the height of the child.
  • Comfortable : The seat is cushioned
  • Genre : Unisex
  • Clamp and spring height : Fits standard doors of 7.62-15.24 cm thick with door moldings firmly fixed at least 1.27 cm wide.


The activity jumper Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper Special Edition has more than 12 activities around the baby and invites you to enjoy fun multisensory experiences at 360 °.

  • Support : Recommended maximum weight: 11.3 Kg and maximum recommended height: 79 cm or up to 1 year 3 months of age.
  • Genre : Unisex
  • Requires 3 AA batteries not included
  • Height adjustable to 5 levels
  • Comfortable : The seat is cushioned
  • Accessories : It has 4 fun activities stations; piano with light, volume control and 3 playback modes: classical melodies, piano notes and learning English, French and Spanish. In addition, it includes other fun activities, such as a rotating toad-shaped bead holder, a rotating rattle drum with beads and a mirror. It has ties that allow you to hang your baby’s favorite toys

How to assemble the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends jumper?

You will need a screwdriver and 3 AA batteries of 1.5V, since you have this, proceeds to make the assembly according to user manual.


This swing easily attaches to the door frame and allows your baby to jump without stopping thanks to its strong and secure rebound spring.

  • Comfort : The nylon seat with high backrest is padded. It is easy to remove and machine wash.
  • Security : It includes a dome that protects the babies from the blows that can be hit against the walls, as well as facilitates the access and exit of the baby of the jumperoo.
  • Clamp : Does not mark the trim of the door or damage the wood thanks to its bumper.
  • Accessories : Includes 2 removable plush dolls to attach to the resistant rings
  • Support : Recommended maximum weight: 11.3 Kg and maximum recommended height: 81 cm or up to 1 year of age.
  • Works with 3 “AA” batteries (Not included)
  • Genre : Unisex


The Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp is sturdy and designed for use in appropriate door frames. It gives your baby complete freedom of movement and promotes easy and natural breathing. Babies develop strength, balance and coordination safely and comfortably.

It is a lightweight jumper, easy to transport with a comfortable seat and adjustable to the baby’s body.

  • Support : Recommended maximum weight: 13 Kg and maximum recommended height: 88 cm or up to 2 years of age
  • Portable : The lightest of all products and easy to store
  • Genre : Unisex
  • Ergonomic : The seat adjusts to the baby so that it can breathe naturally and keeps it in a proper position.
  • Clamp : The walls must have the following specifications so that the door jumper can be used:
    • The thickness of the wall must be 7.5 to 15 cm thick with frame moldings having a flat top surface of NOT LESS THAN 1.25 cm


Music and lights work when you jump, which helps the baby understand the cause and effect. Taking the hanging toys allows you to make the eye-hand connection. All this helps stimulate your motor, visual and auditory development.

It is very similar to the fisher price K6070 animals of the jungle, only that this jumper includes more accessories for a higher price.

  • Support : Recommended maximum weight: 11.3 kg and maximum recommended height: 81 cm or up to 1 year 3 months of age.
  • Materials : The structure is made of tough metal and polyester seat
  • Functions : The height is adjustable in 3 levels
  • Portable : The structure can be easily folded
  • Accessories : Toys include a hippopotamus ball, giraffe with tappets, rotating crocodile, lion biter, bat and rhinoceros, an elephant mirror with rotating beads and more. It also includes music and flashy lights.


This swing will make your little one jump with joy from a comfortable seat secured to his door. The Baby Einstein Sea Discover Door Jumper gives a touch of marine adventure for the entertainment of your baby.

This jumper includes more accessories than the common door jumpers, which favors the stimulation of the baby at a good price ?

  • Support : Recommended maximum weight: 11 Kg and maximum recommended height: 79 cm or up to 1 year 3 months of age.
  • Chest : Padded seat ring, pad can be machine washed
  • Safety : Adjustable straps at the height of the baby with resistant clamp.
    • The product must be properly secured in the center of the door frame before each use.
      • It should only be used with a wall between 4 – 5 “(10.2 – 12.7 cm) thick and with an edge of at least 0.5” (1.25 cm) thick
  • Accessories : Includes 4 ocean-themed toys (mirror, baby neptune rattle, sea star bite toy and cards with real-world illustrations.

Benefits of Jumpers for Babies

The simple fact of seeing your baby have fun while playing in your jumper will already be a difficult replacement for you, but you should also know that there are other factors that will undoubtedly be an advantage for your development.

What are the benefits for your baby if you use a jumper? Pay attention to what we have to tell you!

Development of psychomotor skills

There is no doubt that one of the most important advantages of jumpers is that babies develop their psychomotricity more effectively.

These little jumps not only amuse them and make them laugh, but also help them to exercise each and every one of the muscles of the legs and begin to become aware of their own legs.

In addition, completely independently of the type of baby jumper you decide to buy, in most cases they have toys and colorful objects that are usually placed at the height of their hands so they can touch and interact with them.

Safety for the baby

Baby jumpers have harnesses and straps that hold the baby at all times, preventing it from falling or leaving accidentally.

As parents we always have the concern (and responsibility) to provide our children with the safest possible environment and this is precisely one of the most important advantages of jumpers.

When you have your baby playing in your jumper you can be sure that he will not be able to access anything dangerous that may be around him, since the fact of being inside the jumper will prevent him.

This, as you can imagine, to you as a father or mother is going to provide you with a lot of tranquility. You can do other tasks while your baby does not lack entertainment.

Easy to use

In the market we can find several types of baby jumpers and one of the great advantages is that, in any case, its ease of use is fully guaranteed.

It is vital to adjust the different straps to the size of your baby so that you have a correct support and the truth is that you should not take much into account to start the game.

When not requiring installation of any type, the only thing that we will have to do is to place the child in his seat and close the harnesses so that it is well secured.

Guaranteed fun

The jumper is one of those toys that most entertain them in those first months of life in which they are still discovering themselves.

You can be sure that your baby will provoke more than a laugh with little jumps and will also entertain him the games and accessories that he will find at the height of his hands.

Of course, it is very important that you keep in mind that the baby should not spend long periods of time in his jumper. It is an activity that, in moderation, will be very fun for him.