We are a husband and wife duo from Chicago, Illinois in the U.S. We are proud parents to three beautiful boys including a very busy little 6 month old!

We have learnt a lot over the years of parenting! With the first two; somehow we ended up with a house that featured more baby equipment and toys than furniture - I know that you know what I'm talking about!!

Sometimes learning curves comes at a cost and we have wasted money on toys that never got used! The market is so over-saturated with baby gear, equipment and toys that the decision of what to buy can be a bit overwhelming!  And whilst you might think that you absolutely NEED everything that looks flash; you really probably just don't.

With baby-love number 3, we made the decision to save our money and to only purchase the essentials, the things that baby will really truly love! Invest in the baby equipment that will actually get used!

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For us; whilst a baby jumper can be a bit of a pricey toy to purchase,  it is an essential toy!  

Why!? Because the baby jumper combines multiple toys into one design!  No need to buy rattles; spinners; musical toys or dangly toys.  

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Testimonial by Samantha Mum to 4.5 Month old Damien

Guys!  I honestly wanted to just say thanks a bunch!!  Your little site has helped me to find the perfect baby jumper for my little guy!!  He is absolutely thrilled with his Fisher Price Rainforest jumper!  I was so worried about 'wasting' money on this 'toy', but I could not be happier!  My little man is happy and I can sit down and actually enjoy a cup of coffee ... while it is actually still hot!!!  I can catch up with friends on Facebook or if I'm feeling domestic, I can get on with folding the laundry!  He a laughs, he squeels and chats all whilst bouncing away!!!  Happy baby = happy mum!!!!!

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