About Us

Hello and Welcome to our site!

We are a husband and wife duo from Chicago, Illinois in the U.S.  We are proud parents of three beautiful children including a little 6 month old munchkin!  Knowing what we know now; since we already had two older kids; we know how hard it is to decide on what is needed for our little one.

  • Which toys are we going to purchase for her?
  • What is appropriate for her development and what will entertain her for hours on end?

We wasted too much money on toys we never needed with our first two kidlets.  So this time around we are being smart and keeping that extra money for some family holidays instead!!  YEEYAH!

So after loads of research and testing out various baby jumpers, we have decided to share our knowledge with you; hoping to save you the time and frustration of having to do it yourself!

PS.  Our ABSOLUTE personal favourite baby jumper is the Fisher Price Jumperoo!

What is the Purpose of this Website?

To write reviews and to make your choice of the best baby jumper easy!

We know how hard it is to afford or to choose the best toys for our kids.  That is why we wish to help our fellow parents in choosing the right toys for their kids.  As we mentioned, there are plenty of baby jumpers on the market and here, on our website, you will find the best of the best!

You will also be able to read, in detail, about the quality and suitability of the baby jumpers for your little one.  We will take you through pros and cons of all the products on our list, together with genuine and thorough reviews of all the jumpers.

We wish to make your choice easy and leave behind some bubby squeals of joy together with sweet smiles.

How do we make it work?

  1. We spend countless hours researching the baby jumpers in order to find the best of the best.
  2. We purchase the top picks, so we can get a closer look and give you more a thorough review.  (Sometimes we swap jumpers with our friends to give theirs a test drive!)
  3. Each category of baby bumpers will have our top pick to make your choice easy.
  4. Our ranking system allows you to scan through the choices quickly.
  5. And above all, you will read genuine positives and negatives about all the baby jumpers listed!

If we have done our job right, our baby jumper reviews and detailed information will help you choose the best baby jumper for your precious baby love.


To get you started, hop over and read our Baby Jumper Buying Guide!

Let us know about your experience with our reviews.  Staying in contact with us, sharing your comments and ideas can further help other families with their choices.  We would love to keep in touch with you guys and we are always open for improvements to our blog.

Thank you and warm regards,  Alice and John.