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Baby Einstein Exersaucer Reviews

Along with music from the new Baby Einstein World Music DVD, your little one will discover animals and sounds and real-life imagery from around the globe. Features piano with World Music melodies and 4 engaging activity stations allowing baby to discover different regions of the world. 12 Discovery elements include: Piano and flip book with real-life imagery; electronic piano with volume control and mirror.

Features three modes of play: World music melodies, Animal sounds, color learning in 3 languages. Soft lion puppet for parent and baby together-time fun. Click-clack giraffe, Panda teeter-totter with rain stick rattle, Penguin popper with spiraling beads and snowflake bead chaser, Removable discovery cards with real-life imagery, Rocking parrot, Globe teether, multiple textures for baby to discover.

Here are some great features of the Baby Einstein Exersaucer:

  • 12 Discovery elements
  • Melody piano has 3 modes and features Baby Einstein world music with real life imagery and a mirror
  • Seat pad is machine washable
  • 3 Position height adjustment and lays flat for storage
  • Base has built-in stabilizers

The toys are fun and eye-catching. My daughter particularly likes the toy with washers that move along a track and the toy with two pandas on a see-saw. As she gets older, I expect the more complicated toys will start to catch her attention more (like the “piano” that plays sounds and words when the keys are pressed). The puppet toy is a fun way for me to interact with her while she’s playing. The seat swivels easily, so my daughter can change toys whenever she feels like it.
I ordered this product for my 5 month old for Christmas and all I have to say is I LOVE IT. this toy allows me to take care of my home while attending to my 5 month old he especially loved the pandas!

It really does keep him busy for up to an hour and even more interested if you engage in the toys with him. He loves banging around on the piano, and trying to eat the penguin. It is adjustable, and my son is tall for his age so I did have to move the saucer up so that he was more stable in it, but I think that is wonderful so it will be with him for awhile. I definitely recommend it and if the whole thing falls apart tomorrow, I would absolutely buy it again. Nothing makes this mommy happier then being able to have a cup of coffee while baby is entertained on his own for a little while. I also take it to the kitchen with me when I am making dinner and he hangs out in there watching me. It is great!!

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