Reviews of the Best Jogging Strollers in 2020

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Reviews of the Best Jogging Strollers in 2020

Having a baby does not mean you have to cut down on your physical activities. Gone are the days when you had to bid farewell to running and jogging just because you were unable to bring your baby along. A conventional stroller is not safe to be used on bumpy paths and trails, or even for running on a smooth terrain. For this reason, you need to have a good Jogging Stroller that you can use while you go for a jog or even a brisk walk, and the baby can meanwhile safely enjoy the outdoors.

A Jogging Stroller is different from the four-wheeled conventional baby stroller. Although in the past people have used these strollers for jogging purposes, those outdoor activities had to carefully planned on smooth paths, padding your baby with extra layers while they run. A generic baby stroller tends to skitter due to its swiveling shopping-cart wheels. However, thanks to the invention of Jogging Strollers, also referred to as Joggers, you can jog all you want with your baby being safe and protected.

Features to Look for in a Jogging Stroller

Buying a good jogging stroller is an investment not only for your baby’s safety but also for your health because you need to have an active lifestyle. For this reason, keep in mind these key features while buying your Jogging Stroller.

  • Air-filled Wheels: A Jogging Stroller has 3 large air-filled wheels that are generally made of rubber to absorb the shock coming from the ground. A non-jogging stroller has 4 plastic wheels that do not have any shock-absorbing mechanism making the stroller shaky on bumpy paths.
  • Safety Strap: A good Jogging Stroller should have a safety tether that you can fasten on your wrist while you jog. In case you trip or fall, the stroller will stay with you instead of sloping away.
  • 5-point Harness: Instead of a conventional 3-point harness system, a Jogging Stroller has a 5-point harness that makes sure your baby is safely strapped over the shoulders, around the waist/ hip region, and between the legs. This prevents sudden jerks and bouncing inside the jogger, keeping your little one safe.
  • Parking Brakes: A good Jogging Stroller should ideally have two breaks; one on the lower wheel like most non-jogging strollers do, and an additional one on the handlebar so you can control the movement of the jogger while you are on the move.

The Best Jogging Strollers – Our Top 5

Here are our top 5 Jogging Strollers for you:

1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Although it is generally recommended to go for a Jogging Stroller once your baby is at least 8 months old, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller can take your 6-month old to a safe ride (or jog) until your baby is of 50 lbs. Its large bicycle tires can roll effortlessly on any terrain which makes navigating very easy while walking or jogging. The front wheel needs to be locked during a jog; and while you slow down to enjoy a little walk around the neighborhood, you can unlock your front swivel wheel to make maneuvering extremely easy. The 5-point harness system provides extra security keeping your baby tightly tucked in.

Easy to assemble, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is very spacious so you can carry a lot of stuff at the go. There is a spacious storage area under the seat, along with a top tray with two cup holders. The handles are quite comfortable and well-padded, and the large canopy with a peekaboo window is a big plus. Folding this jogger is very convenient and comes in handy while you travel.

The only feature the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller falls short of is the handlebar causing a problem for people who have more height. However, considering how reasonably priced this jogger is, you may need a proper excuse not to go for it.

2. Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller

Sun, wind, rain or snow – no matter how extreme the weather gets, Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller is your most reliable jogging buddy. With optional sports kits, you can easily convert this 3-wheeled Jogging Stroller into a bike-trailer or even a ski-rig, and then to a four-wheel baby stroller. This jogger has an excellent ventilation system and can keep your baby warm and dry during rain and blizzards. As if this gorgeous looking sport stroller isn’t catching much attention, the rear lights add extra visibility and safety.

Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller has an adjustable handle which makes it ideal for any height. The seat can be reclined easily and is well-padded keeping the comfort of your little rider. You can conveniently remove the seat pads for cleaning purpose. The storage space at the back lets you carry your baby-bag and personal supplies, and is big enough to carry your sport-kit in case you need to change between activities.

Specially designed for your traveling adventures, you can fold your Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller to take it with you for a jog, stroll, ski or bike ride. Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller also has a Double-Jogging Stroller available in the market in case you have two kids.

3. BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

The BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller is a budget-friendly stroller that is packed with features so you don’t miss out on anything. With a 75-pound weight capacity, you can fit in a bigger kid while you go out for a jog. It has a padded and adjustable 5-point harness which is super easy to open, close and adjust.

The BOB Rambler has 3 identical 12-inches’ air-filled tires. The front tire can be locked during a jog and unlocked when you want to stroll for everyday use. The aluminum frame keeps the jogging stroller light-weight, which makes this 25-pound stroller very easy to fold and travel with.

The seat has an upright position which lets your kid enjoy the view and can be easily reclined to a position where your little rider can enjoy a nap while you sweat out. The mesh window does not only give you a peek at your baby, but it also serves as a vent for the Rambler.

Storage in any stroller is a big plus, and BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller does not disappoint us at all. You can conveniently put your baby-bag along with some other stuff like your jacket underneath the seat.

The BOB Rambler does not have an adjustable handlebar, so if you are very tall or need a handlebar more than 39 inches above the ground, you may find the height a drawback and may want to look for another option.

4. Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller

If you are looking for a light-weight jogging stroller which is practical enough to be easily folded for storage and transportation, then Thule Urban Glide may be the one you are looking for.

Weighing only 23 pounds, this Jogging Stroller has a lot of storage space – something that parents are always in need of. Your child has direct access to the two mesh pockets on the sides of his seat, where he can put his sippy cup, napkin or toy, etc. There is another mesh pocket at the back of the seat for the parent. In addition to this, there is an under-seat basket which is very spacious. And if that’s not enough, there is a zipper pocket at the back for your cellphone or keys.

The front wheel can be locked during jogging to make sure it does not swivel; it can be easily unlocked for smooth “gliding” in case you want to have a stroll across the town. The handlebar is adjustable which is a big plus. The seat is comfortable and padded by cushions at the back and the bottom. It is secured by a 5-point harness system which makes the jogging experience quite safe for your baby. The seat can be reclined giving your little jogger more comfort, with air vents at the top. The Urban Glide can carry a child weighing up to 75 pounds.

The multi-position canopy helps you to have easy access to your baby from the rear side. The sunroof has magnets instead of Velcro, which helps the parent peek at their sleeping baby quietly without waking him up with the Velcro sound – something that’s very relatable.

You can easily fold your Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller with one hand, and the quick-release wheels come off with a single press of a button.

5. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Stroller

Almost 26 pounds in weight, the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Stroller can safely carry your child until he reaches 75 pounds. It has a shock-absorbing Aluminum structure which makes it easier to fold and transport.

The Zoom 360 Ultralight comes with a comfortable seat that has an adjustable 5-point harness. Its buckle is easy to open, and the seat can be reclined if your little jogger wants to snooze. The two mesh pockets at the sides of the seat can be used to hold a sippy cup or a snack while on the go. There is a pocket at the back of the seat for the parent’s essential stuff. This jogger comes with a running leash for the parent which adds to the safety of Zoom 360. The canopy is huge with a water-proof peekaboo window. There is also a huge air vent at the top of the headrest.

Although the handlebar is fixed and cannot be adjusted, the Joovy Zoom 360 has made sure the height is not a problem. There is a fabric-based organizer for the parent which can come in very handy, consisting of two cupholders and a pocket that can be zipped.

The Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller has two 16 inches air-tire at the back and a 12.5 inches air-tire at the front. The front wheel will either swivel or lock, depending upon your activity. It needs to be locked when you jog, and you can unlock it to maneuver while you take your baby on a stroll. The Joovy Zoom 360 comes with a tire pump that you can store in the under-seat storage.

Jogging with your child is not only a healthy activity, but can also boost the parent-child bond. There is nothing better than some active time spent outside with the people you love. So which Jogging Stroller will you go for?

Benefits of Running with a Jogging Stroller

Going out with baby strollers? This is a totally serious issue and, in fact, it is a running fashion world very common in countries like the United States and, more specifically, in cities like New York. And running with baby strollers has become the new trend thanks to which mothers and fathers who love runningdo not have to stop practicing their favorite sport due to the fact that they give birth to a beautiful baby: now running with carts of baby is possible (and expensive).

Of course, we must be precise and it is worth mentioning the fact that any baby car is not valid to go for a run. Therefore, in this article we want to try to convince you why going for a ride with baby strollers is a very good idea and instructing you on which are the best baby carriages for running that are available in the market.

Why buy baby carriage to run

All women who love running and who give birth are eager to get back in shape to regain their pre-pregnancy lifestyle. The problem is that the lack of time and the maternal need to be stuck to the baby at all hours prevented them, until recently, being able to do so as soon as possible.

For this reason, companies in the children’s sector and the sports sector have seen the business of equipping baby carriages with the necessary characteristics to turn them into sports baby cars suitable for running. And that is precisely what they have done. In this way, parents can go out running with an adapted baby sports car that will keep the child comfortable, safe and equipped .

However, being a novelty, there is still not a large number of sports car models to run but we will show you the models of sports strollers for running that have a better value for money at present. That will be after telling you what are the keys when choosing a good baby car to run.

8 Benefits of Running With a Jogging Stroller

1. First and foremost, he gets some fresh air.

I can actually see his body relax and his mood improve the second the garage door opens. Getting him outside every day might be the single best thing I can do for his physical and emotional health.

2. I want him with me ALL. THE. TIME.

When I get home from work I don’t want to forego one second of time with that little munchkin. I know how crazy this sounds but I even miss him when he’s napping one room over.

3. He will learn that outdoor physical activity is an everyday kind of thing.

The boost that accompanies sweating in the fresh air has a lingering effect that makes every other part of my day better. I am hoping if I teach by example he will come to understand how crucial it is to get outside and move.

4. He loves to watch the world go by

As we coast along he is often on high alert checking out the people, the sounds and the scenery we pass. He also gets a kick out of watching our dog cruisin’ along next to the stroller and continuously wagging his tail.

5. He’s super entertaining

The charge he gets from surveying his surroundings is nothing compared to how much I relish watching him take it all in. I can’t get enough of those little waiving arms and kicking feet or the endless stories he tells me in coos and blahs.

6. It’s a great way to get him down for a nap

If I play my cards right I can time it out so we run just before naptime and the movement lulls him right to sleep. The rub lies in maneuvering him out of the stroller and into the crib when we get home. It’s like a particularly high-stakes game of Operation where the buzzer is a crying infant.

7. My husband gets a break

Dads need me time too. It’s always nice to give my husband some time to himself to do things he likes to do – like cooking for me, cleaning the house or mowing the lawn.

8. You should see my triceps

Turns out pushing a stroller around is hard work. Every time I push him up a particularly steep hill I remind myself that I am one step closer to Michelle Obama arms.

If you’ve never run with a jogging stroller before, you might think it’s just like regular running with a really tiny running buddy. But stroller running is a whole other animal—a beast, really. It uses different muscles, takes a lot of patience, involves extra planning, and it’s just plain HARD. But it’s also a killer workout and a fun way to switch up your training when you want a challenge (or don’t have a babysitter).

If you’re thinking of adding a plus-one (or two, if you’re some kind of superwoman) to your next run, consider these dos and don’ts of running with the three-wheeled monster.