Best Jogging Stroller Reviews

When it comes to running with our babies and small children, any stroller does not work. They must meet a series of requirements that we summarize below. We also present the best models of baby strollers for running that can be found on the market today.

There are many fathers and mothers who are looking for a suitable baby stroller to be able to go out with their offspring to practice running, and thus not have to leave their hobby of running before the new responsibility. Taking into account this growing demand, we have thought it pertinent to elaborate a series of guidelines and characteristics that the stroller in question must have in order to be able to run naturally. Therefore, it is no longer an excuse to have to take care of our children to avoid running. On the contrary, we can incorporate them -with what is positive- into our hobby.

How to choose the best cart or chair for the baby

You do not need to go anywhere to look at carts, or see catalogs, or online pages. It is an easy choice but it will definitely mark the comfort for the baby and yours.

The only thing you have is to stop and think about where the cart will roll, where you will go with it.

See how easy? Well when you know where the cart is going, you have the most important point: the wheels.

¿Why is it so important? Because not all wheels are good in all areas .

The comfort of the baby and who pushes the cart will depend on the wheel. Our back already suffers a lot, without having to forget about having a cart with the wrong wheel.

Types of wheels

  • Large inflatable wheels : ideal for any terrain: cobbled, field, beach, for a town or city with many obstacles, … This way we avoid that the small one is making jumps inside the cart. It takes almost effortless. We give it air at the gas station. We have a spare camera and can be patched. No puncture in three years that we have given tute field and mountain. For me there is a word that defines them: comfort . You guessed it, they are my favorites.
  • Rigid wheels : for little terrains but it costs more to take it and as they do not cushion anything the little one jumps inside. The advantage is that they are not punctured. We have a light stroller with this type of wheels in the car.
  • Rubber-filled wheels : They do not reach the comfort of the air but they go a little better than the rigid ones.

As you can see, the most important decision is easy since all you have to think about is where you are going to go with the cart.

The starting point, the wheels, is already clear. We discard chairs that do not have those wheels.

6 best baby strollers for running


The American firm Baby Jogger sells this award-winning Summit X3 stroller , an SUV that guarantees optimum performance both in the city and on stony surfaces and mountainous terrain. Any mother or father who wants to enjoy jogging or running with your baby can do it with total comfort and ease with this sports cart.

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 supports up to 34 kilograms of weight thanks to its robust chassis, comes equipped with independent suspension on all wheels and has implemented a system with remote locking of the position of the front wheel. Its two 16 “rear wheels incorporate drum brakes , while the front wheel is 12″. It also has a rear parking area .

This versatile sports trolley has a reclining padded seat that can reach an almost flat position , has an ergonomically designed handlebar and smooth grip. Its interior is quite wide and it is very easy to fold.


This 3-wheeled all – terrain buggy from the American brand BOB is designed so that moms and dads can run with their son from the moment he is born, both on asphalt and on trails or forest tracks.

The BOB Sport Utility Stroller sports trolley supports a maximum of 17 kilograms of weight , has adjustable suspension, hood with multiple positions with window and basket with various pockets. In addition, it comes equipped with a five-point safety belt for the little one. It is currently available in the combination of gray and sky blue or orange and gray colors.


The prestigious Dutch company, manufacturer of strollers for babies and other mobility products, has recently presented the Bugaboo Runner , an independent base or chassis that adapts to any current cart model and some preterites of the European firm ( consult on the web ) so you can go out and practice running with your child from 9 months.

Its three large air-filled wheels and a pioneering suspension system to absorb bumps guarantee a smooth ride. The brakes to stop the stroller or to moderate the speed are triggered only by tightening any part of the handlebar. Thanks to its easy folding and unfolding, this cart is ideal to transport it in the car or store it at home.


The Joovy Zoom 360 is a sports car that is made of aluminum to give an incredible lightness when running with your children. Its magnificent adjustable suspension is able to minimize the bumps you may find on the road, offering a comfortable and smooth driving.

Its hood offers extra sun protection , houses a neoprene bag with different pockets and compartments for easy access, a basket of large proportions for storage and a double cup holder. As in the previous model, its front wheel is rotatable 360 ​​degrees to favor maneuverability , but can be blocked at the time you choose to run.


This Baby Trend stroller has two large rear wheels and a smaller front so you can run or jog with your baby almost effortlessly and by any type of surface. Its front wheel is rotatable in order to facilitate maneuvers but has the option of blocking for when you want to go out to practice running.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Phantom sports trolley supports a maximum weight of 22 kilos and is equipped with reflectors in the footrest area to provide greater visibility when the lighting conditions are low.

This ultralight design stroller and excellent construction, has a reclining seat and quite padded, a harness of 5 security points and basket of generous dimensions for the storage of objects.


Not every stroller is apt to go out to run and to do it with the greater comfort and guarantee, as much for us as for our children / as. For this reason, we must differentiate between the strollers that we can use on a daily basis with our descendants and those we offer in this article. What basic characteristics should they have?

  • Tricycle structure (3 wheels: 2 rear and 1 front), off-road, bidirectional front wheel and a good suspension. These are key, basic and main elements that the model we choose should offer. All this will facilitate mobility and comfort when it comes to running with easy driving. In this sense, parents who have run with a normal street stroller, not specific to run, will have quickly realized how difficult and uncomfortable it is to move with it, either by asphalt or on a dirt road. The suspension is key. Here we leave a trick to know if the suspension of a baby stroller is adequate. Before buying, push the handlebar down several times, lift the car by the handlebar a few centimeters and let it fall. If it goes down and goes up easily, and without hitting, the suspension is good. Some strollers have adjustable suspension, even better,
  • Large, inflatable wheels : the larger the wheels, the better the progress with the stroller as we run. The wheels must have a minimum quality to offer guarantees and stability during the trip. In addition, they must be inflatable, to be able to regulate their pressure, something that will also add more security and comfort.
  • One handlebar Unlike some baby strollers, which include a double handlebar, the vehicle with which we want to run must, yes or yes, have a unique handlebar. If it allows us to grip with one hand, we can rest the other, and so on. A plus of comfort, especially if we make a long-lasting exit.
  • The weight. These types of vehicles must be lightweight. The more the better. If the model in question weighs too much, it will be much more complex to be able to push it, complicating our progress. Thus, most of the main models that we can find in the market are made of aluminum. They are a bit heavier than a normal stroller, to hold more and be more robust and stable, but must offer a fair balance between strength and weight. Of course, this reduced weight should not go against another of the nuclear ingredients that must have this vehicle, which is none other than that of having a strong chassis. This will withstand the blows and we can move through all kinds of terrain without deforming the structure.
  • Security . Safety is one of the fundamental issues that most concern parents when purchasing their stroller. They want their offspring to be safe and without suffering any fright during the journey. Ideally, a clamping harness with several anchoring points, up to 5 different points would be ideal. In addition to this, the braking system must include a handle on the handlebar (in the way that a bicycle can have) or a similar system that allows us to brake in dry in any case, always from the handlebar. If to this aspect, add a rear parking brake, well even better.
  • Necessary accessories. As in any other stroller that is not specific to running, there are a series of accessories that will make life easier for us in certain situations. We refer, for example, to the protective plastic bubble against wind and rain (so that the baby goes as hot and comfortable as possible). That the fabric is interchangeable and we can remove it to wash, is also desirable, because if we do a training on mud land, the stroller and its structure may get a little dirty. We also have to assess the presence of reflective elements. Most strollers already include this type of reflectivity as standard, which will make us visible when it is dark. In case it does not take it, we can buy some adhesive and stick it to the stroller, so that it complies with this same function of night visibility. The bag or the lower basket,