Seven Effective Ways that Toys can Influence Child Development

Babies are always eager to learn the world around them. Every new color, shape, texture, and sound can offer a great learning experience for the kids. And, giving them the access to right toys can help them discover their cognitive senses.

For an example, rattles and toys that make enchanting music are favorites for infants. Toys with bright and contrasting colors seem to be quite fascinating to babies. Plus, these toys perfectly stimulate their developing vision.

As they grow up, educational toys will effectively influence their thinking and analytical skills, interaction with friends & peers, and creative expression.  The right toys at the right age can have a range of education and developmental benefits for the child.


Seven Effective Ways that Toys can Influence Child Development

1. Infant Toys | Reinforces Memory and Strengthens Creativity Skill

Toys that are especially designed for infants mostly use distinctive sounds, unique textures, attractive designs, and bright colors etc. These toys can help the infants to recognize various shapes and colors. With time, these simple toys can efficiently reinforce their memory.  Toys such as baby jumpers also have the added benefit of allow your child to practice various skills.

Additionally, Silly Putty, Play-Doh, and various safe and natural hands-on materials allow the children to make their own toys (according to their individual preference). In this way, it effectively develops, nurtures, and strengthens their creativity.

2. Toys for School-Aged Children | Make Their Learning Experience Fun & Exciting

School-aged children often use various educational toys, such as problem-solving technique, a mathematical proposition, and puzzles. From simple alphabet puzzles to complex problem-solving technique, these toys can offer a fun, exciting, and energetic learning experience for them.

3. Toys for Teenagers and Adults | Demonstrate Advanced Concepts

Toys that are designed for teenagers or young adults can demonstrate advanced concepts of physics, mathematics, science, and much more too. And example of which is Newton’s cradle, a desk toy that is designed by Simon Prebble, perfectly demonstrates the concept of conservation of energy and momentum.

4. Toys Improve Their Imagination Power

Toys can keep your child entertained for hours. By spending their favorite passable time with toys, a child will slowly reveal and explore a fantastic world of imagination.

5. Educational Toys Empower Creativity

Educational toys empowers the creative side of your kids including drawing, designing, painting, sketching, and preparing models, kits, and construction etc.

6. Mental & Physical Growth

Memory games & puzzles sharpen their memory & critical thinking ability. In fact, it even encourages their self-esteem when they solve a critical puzzle by their own.

7. Social Skills

Toys like snakes and ladders, Monopoly, Ludo, Carom, and Chess teach the basic social skills among the children. Plus, there are many games that help them mingle socially with their peers.

In this way, toys can really help a child to develop his/her artistic, creative, physical, and cognitive skills.  It is however important to note that not toys are typically created for very specific ages.  Not all toys are appropriate for all ages of children and some of these toys can even harm the development of children when used with children outside of the recommended age bracket.

However, with the right toys, your child will not only be entertained, but will also develop important skills.

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