Double Jogging Strollers

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Double Jogging Strollers

Being a parent and taking time out for yourself does not have to be mutually exclusive events. If you have two kids, you may very well understand the urge to run around the town without worrying about those tiny tots – this is the one activity guaranteed to keep them entertained, and you healthy and sane! But you cannot just strap them around a stroller and take them with you. You need something that is built for this task – something that keeps your children safe and entertained while you jog all you want.

Why Should You Buy a Double Jogging Stroller?

A standard Double Stroller has small wheels that are not built for a fast pace and bumpy rides. Most importantly, it does not give you the leg space you need for large strides while you jog. And since you have all your eggs in one basket (or kids in one stroller!), you want to be very careful about their safety.

A Double Jogging Stroller is specifically designed to keep both your kids comfortably strapped while you sweat out. It needs to be safer, sturdier and more practical than a standard Double Stroller, as it will have to move at a faster pace and on all sorts of terrain.

Choosing the Best Double Jogging Stroller

You need to consider the following factors when choosing a Double Jogging Stroller for your family:

  • Comfort: If you have a 6 to 8 months old baby and a tall toddler, you may want to carefully examine the type of Double Jogging Stroller you are purchasing. The last thing you want is to find a Double Stroller that squishes the older child’s head. Also, there is a minimum as well as maximum height/ weight limit for these strollers, so you need to make sure your children are in the range.
  • Adaptability: If you need to accommodate an infant car seat on your Double Jogger, make sure you buy one that allows you to. You also need to know the height and width specs of your car seat before finalizing a Double Jogging Stroller.
  • Practicality: Your Double Jogging Stroller should be practical enough to be easily folded and transported inside your car or home. If you think carrying two things at one time is hard, wait till you try to manage both your children while trying to fold or unfold your Double Jogging Stroller. No matter how good a certain jogging stroller sounds, if you cannot fold/ unfold the stroller alone (do not expect any help from the kids!), you need to reconsider your choice of the stroller.
  • Cost: Having a Double Jogging Stroller may sound like an extra cost if you already have a standard Double Stroller at home, but if you consider its positive impacts on your health and your children’s, you may find a Double Jogging Stroller to be a good addition to the family’s recreational activities.
  • Storage: Having two kids can be twice the fun, but it also means carrying twice the junk! Your kids will ask you for all kinds of snacks, beverages, toys, and wipes while on the go. Multiply every item with 2 and you may find the urge to have extra storage in your Double Jogging Stroller.

It may work for your children but does it work for you? If you are very tall or short, or your partner is of a very different height than yours, you may want to have something practical for both of you. Many Double Jogging Strollers come with a fixed handlebar which becomes a problem if it is not in line with your height requirements. For this reason, you need to make sure you purchase a Double Jogger with adjustable handles. Furthermore, apart from your children’s stuff, your Double Jogger needs some space, ideally a closed compartment, for your essentials like keys and cell phones, etc.

Types of Double Strollers

There are two types of Double Strollers: Side-by-Side and Inline. The choice of which one you should go for depends upon what you are hoping for and what may work well with your children.

  • Side-by-side Double Strollers: The Double Strollers with side-by-side seats give an identical experience to both the passengers. Each child gets a similar seating space, recline options, storage, foot-space, air vents, and protection from elements. Most of them have two canopies so each child can have custom coverage. The downside of side-by-side Double Strollers is that they are hard to navigate at narrow pathways due to their wider structure. Once folded, they can be trickier to lift and store.
  • Inline Double Strollers: Also referred to as Tandem Strollers, the inline Double Strollers have one seat located in front of the other which makes them ideal to maneuver in narrow spaces. This also means that one child may get a better view than the other. And it’s not just about one factor, tandem seating results in both children having different recline positions, leg space, storage areas, sippy-cup trays (in many instances only one child gets the tray) and canopy settings could also be different. These inline Double Strollers may work well when your children have a big age difference between them and one child is more understanding or can compromise on certain features. So if you have twins who demand the same features, this may not be the one for you.

What Features Should You Look for in a Double Jogging Stroller?

Consider the following features while choosing your perfect Double Jogging Stroller:

  • Inflatable rubber tires: Pneumatic rubber tires can effectively absorb jerks caused by uneven ground, weight, and pace of the Double Stroller. A plastic tire in a Double Stroller is a big no when it comes to jogging with your kids.
  • Lockable Front Wheel: Most Double Jogging Strollers have three wheels where the front wheel needs to be locked during jogging. In case of Double Jogging Strollers that have 4 wheels (generally 2 large ones at the back and 2 smaller ones at the front), make sure that the front wheels can be easily locked and unlocked depending upon your activity. The last thing you want is to have a pair of swiveling children while you try to fulfill your jogging dream.
  • Multi-position Seat Recline: Some children snooze off the moment their road journey begins while others prefer to look around and enjoy their adventurous ride. Your Double Jogging Stroller needs to have a reclining option ideally for individual seats so that it can be reclined or adjusted in an upright position – whatever the need may be.
  • 5-point Safety Harness: Both of your children need to have a 5-point safety harness to make sure their bodies don’t swing like a pendulum while you run on a rough trail.
  • Individual Canopies: Being a parent of two kids you may have realized by now that no two kids want the same thing, not even twins. They may share the same stroller, but your kids may not agree on the use of canopies. One child may want shade while the other may not. It’s better to have the feature of independent canopies than to be a referee in the middle of your run.

Top 3 Double Jogging Strollers

Here are our top 3 Double Jogging Strollers for you:

1. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Having a light-weight Double Jogging Stroller is a blessing as technically it is twice the size of a single Jogging Stroller. The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger has taken the edge when it comes to weight. This 25-pound Double Stroller is light-weight but sturdy, and can be easily folded, carried and stored without hurting your back. The Double Jogger is strong enough to carry a collective weight of 100 pounds, meaning your kids can enjoy the jog until they each reach 50 pounds of weight or are 42 inches tall.

The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger comes with a 12-inch front wheel and two 16-inch rear wheels. The pneumatic tires are made with rubber, and they run smoothly on all kinds of terrains. Like any good Double Jogger in the market, you can lock the front-wheel while you jog so that it doesn’t swivel, and unlock it when you just want to have a stroll with your children.

The multi-position seat recline is a big plus which helps your children choose between enjoying a straight-back view or a comfortable nap. The 5-point safety harness along with comfortable seats ensure both your kids enjoy their ride.

A huge storage basket under the two seats helps you store a large number of things. You also get a parent-tray that can hold two drinks and a covered compartment for you to secure your items like your cellphone, money, and keys.

Although the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger is an excellent stroller and has a large ratcheting shade canopy, it could be a problem if one of your kids wants shade and the other does not. In addition to this, you cannot put a car-seat on the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger, so if you plan to use it for your 6 to 8 months old baby, you may want to look for a different stroller.

2. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller

This Double Stroller has a weight limit of 100 pounds so each seat can fit a 50-pound child (maximum 44 inches in height). The seats are comfortable with a 5-point harness system in both the seats. One of the highlights of this amazing Double Jogging Stroller is its pair of extra-large UPF 50+ canopies so each rider can choose to put his canopy up or down instead of compromising. There are two peekaboo windows, one for each child, but since it has a Velcro cover, you peek may end up waking your sleeping baby.

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Double Jogging Stroller does not come with any snack-tray but you can purchase it separately if you need to. There is storage at the side of the seat of each child where they can put their personalized snacks or sippy cups. There are two deep mesh pockets at the back of the seats that you can use to put in your stuff since you have to buy the parent-console separately if you need one. The under-seat cargo is the highlight of the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Stroller which is large enough to store your baby bag, diapers, and extra clothes.

The handlebar of the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Jogging Stroller can be adjusted in 9 different positions so your height can never be an issue. The presence of a wrist-strap is also a good addition to your children’s safety. If you use an infant car seat for one of your children, you can fix it on the Flex 3.0 Double Jogger. The three mountain-style air-filled tires make it super easy for the Double Jogger to glide on any kind of terrain.

This stroller is wider and heavier than many Double Jogging Strollers out there, so do not go for it if its 35-pound weight is a serious issue for you. However, its weight only makes it sturdier and you cannot feel its heaviness while using it. The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogger can be easily folded and you can buckle it up for extra safety while transporting it. Also, if you have a small car you may have trouble storing it in the trunk.

3. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller is the most versatile Double Stroller you can come across as it is designed for literally any type of family. The flexibility at which it can carry different combinations and permutations of seat placements make this Double Stroller stand out from the crowd. You can face both seats forwards, backward, or in the opposite direction. It also has options to put a car-seat with a bassinet or even two car-seats together. This versatile stroller even gives us the option to remove the second seat – something that many contemporary strollers don’t offer. You can even buy a glider board separately and attach it with your Double Stroller and let your third child stand on the glider. In short, it is an ideal family stroller.

The City Select Double Stroller is technically not a Jogging Stroller as it has 4 wheels instead of three, however, it is still a popular choice for power walks. Since it is a tandem Double Stroller, it is easy to get through any doorway, unlike many side-by-side Double Strollers. The seats are comfortable with a 5-point harness which you can later convert into a 3-point harness by taking the chest-straps away. The super-comfortable seats can recline nicely so your little ones can take a nap while you do your brisk walk. The huge individual canopies help keep the sun away along with any distraction for your napping babies.

It has swiveling front wheels with a hand-operated brake. The wheels can smoothly glide on any surface – whether it is snow, grass or mud. The Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller has a good storage space at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about the sippy cups, diapers, snacks and toys of your little riders.

The only drawback is that it is on the heavier side (42 pounds) and have a weight limitation of 45 pounds per child max. If you have two kids who are close in age and you do not want to invest in a separate Double Stroller dedicated to only jogging, you may want to have this versatile stroller that you can use for your physical activities as well as for daily use.

Now that you know everything about buying your perfect Double Jogging Stroller, what are you waiting for? Pick the one that works best for you and enjoy your jog!