Download your Fisher Price Jumperoo Instructions

Are you trying to find a copy of the Fisher Price Jumperoo instructions?

Don’t worry, we have a link to the manual for the Fisher Price Jumperoo.  Simply click the link and it will open up a PDF for you that you can either save or print out!  If you struggle to assemble your jumper, don’t forget that YouTube can be truly helpful for assembly videos as well.

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Downloadable Fisher Price Jumperoo Instructions

Just a quick reminder about the main safety guidelines for jumpers.

  1. Only use a jumper once your baby has full head control.
  2. Don’t leave your baby unattended whilst in the jumper.
  3. Make sure the jumping surface is level and clear from any objects that can hurt their feet.
  4. Don’t leave your bubs in there for extended periods of time.

Other Helpful Information

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