How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy Naturally

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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy Naturally

One of the biggest concerns of every pregnant woman is to know if it is possible to  recover the figure  after childbirth in a short time. There are many  home remedies to lose weight after pregnancy  and many women put into practice to lose those kilos of more accumulated during pregnancy. Fajar, exercise or apply homemade reducing creams are just some of these  natural methods to lose weight after pregnancy. But which is more effective?

During pregnancy it is normal to gain weight: on average, women gain the equivalent of 20% of their weight during the course of the nine months of pregnancy, although of course there are also cases in which the increase is greater.

7 keys to lose weight after pregnancy

In any case, after nine months of pregnancy the body of the woman will need time to return to its normal state and, although many will want to recover their figure in a two by three, we must have a little patience and follow some recommendations, such as the following:

1.- The first 40 days

Within a few days and weeks of giving birth you will begin to notice the first changes. You will deflate and your feet, ankles and legs will return to their natural size. The retention of liquids will be a thing of the past. During the quarantine it is forbidden to make a restrictive diet, focus on your baby and your physical recovery after the labor effort.

2.- Do not avoid meals

With a small baby, many mothers forget to eat and have less energy. This does not help to lose weight. Ideally, make 5 to 6 small, healthy meals instead of three large ones, with an emphasis on breakfast.

3.- Da nursing your baby

Specialists remember that breastfeeding even a few months, in addition to being the healthiest for the baby, helps the mother to lose weight easily. But you have to eat healthy and avoid going down very fast because you can decrease milk production. After delivery, the uterus takes about 8 weeks to regain its normal size; When breastfeeding, the body produces oxytocin, a hormone that helps it regain its natural size.

4.- Drink water

Drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day. This will help your body to eliminate fats, in addition water is necessary to facilitate the production of milk. Avoid sodas, juices and liquids with sugar and full of calories that prevent weight loss.

5.- Back to exercise and a healthy diet

Once the medical check-ups are completed, consuming a healthy diet and returning to the exercises little by little is the best way to lose weight. If you are breastfeeding you should wait until the baby is at least two months old to start. Running, riding a bike or walking with your baby in the stroller allows you to burn fat.

6.- Watch what you eat

Opt for baked, roasted or grilled foods instead of fried ones. And remove from your table the sweets, sugar and fats, which will make your process more difficult to recover the figure. Consume more fruits and vegetables, which give you satiety with fewer calories.

7.- Say no to extreme diets

Drastic or fashionable diets that reduce or eliminate some foods or nutrients are not advisable. You may lose weight at first, but it is fluid that recovers quickly.

Remember to  ask your doctor  any questions you have about  weight loss after pregnancy. Even if you apply any of these home remedies, a health and nutrition professional will always have the last words. You will see how in a short time you will get your figure back and feel much better to enjoy your baby as much as possible.