The Baby Jumperoo Age Range Recommendation Guide

The question asked most often and with good reason!  As parents, we all want to protect our babies and we want to introduce them to new toys when it is safe to do so.  Baby Jumpers, Jumperoos, and Exersaucers are perfectly safe toys, but you should be aware of their age and weight recommendations.

What is the Official Recommended Jumper & Baby Jumperoo Age?The Baby Jumperoo Age Range Recommendation Guide

The baby jumper age, baby jumperoo age and exersaucer age recommendations are all the same. They are all toys that require a baby to sit up unassisted. It is therefore important that all parents wait until their baby can hold their head up without any assistance for a good 10-20 minutes.

Babies develop at their own pace and not all babies will reach this milestone at the same time; which is why instead of finding an exact age, you will find that there is a jumperoo age range recommendation instead.

The milestone for a baby to hold their head up for 10-20 minutes is typically around 4-6months.


>> If your baby is old enough and strong enough to use a baby jumper, you might wish to hop over to our guide on the best jumper for babies which will help you find the right jumper for your baby.


Our Personal Age Recommendation (from Personal Experience)

The Baby Jumperoo Age Range Recommendation Guide

Baby jumper age: Personally (after 3 children), we found that the optimum baby jumper age is around 4 to 6 months.  Each of our kids started using the jumper at a different month, which is why we feel it is so important to use your own intuition and to really observe where your baby’s neck strength is at.

Doorway jumper age:  I would suggest that you wait just that bit longer before you pop your baby in a doorway jumper.  Doorway Jumpers tend to have slightly less support and often the baby can jump around with bigger jumps to due longer elastic cords.  So you need your baby to be strong.  I would suggest using a doorway jumper from 5-months onwards.

Age for jumperoo: Again, the best age for a jumperoo is from 4-6 months.  Most jumperoos have in-built support for bubs.  



What is the baby jumper age limit?

Stop using the product when your child:

In order to use the product safely, it is highly recommended that you stop using this product when your child

… is more than 30” tall (76.2 cm)

…weighs more than 25 lbs. (11 kg)

… he/she can stand or walk on their own


The main safety guidelines for jumpers

  1. Only use a jumper once your baby has full head control.
  2. Don’t leave your baby unattended whilst in the jumper.
  3. Make sure the jumping surface is level and clear from any objects that can hurt their feet.
  4. Don’t leave your bubs in there for extended periods of time.

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