Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Review | The Best Baby Jumperoo of 2018!

There is no doubt in my mind that the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo is the ultimate best baby Jumperoo out there!!  

In actual fact, I will go as far as to say that I believe it to be the best baby jumper of all jumpers!!  And you know what, I even have the evidence to back it up!  Keep reading for all the information you will need in our Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Review.

The Top Rated Rainforest Baby Jumperoo

Over 6,000 parents have bought this specific Fisher Price Jumperoo on Amazon and you know what!?  

It is sitting on a 5-star rating!  

Now you know how critical us human beings are and if this Fisher-Price Jumperoo Rainforest Friends can withstand the criticism of that many parents, then I think it is the clear winner as the top baby jumper in 2018!  And definitely the best jumperoo for babies! I would suggest you look no further and buy this Rainforest Jumper now!  It is a great baby jumper for both boys and girls!

If you are still in doubt, keep reading as we detail out all the outstanding features in our Fisher Price Rainforest jumperoo review!

Quick Summary of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Pros: The best baby jumper on the market! Very popular amongst parents. Easy to set up. Lightweight but sturdy in design. Just the right amount of bounce. 360 Degree rotatable chair. Beautiful bright colored toys to keep baby busy. Has an electronic toy that can play music. Different themes available as well!
Cons: I have a slight struggle every time to pop my baby in the seat. It is also pretty tough for a baby to rotate the seat on their own (when they are still little).


Detailed Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Review

Are you still questioning whether this baby Jumperoo is the right jumper for you and your baby?

Keep reading to find even more detail about the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo weight limit, age recommendations and safety information in this expert Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo review!  But before we do, why not watch this quick overview video from Fisher Price.

1. Fisher Price Jumper Style

This Fisher Price Jumper features a super comfortable frog jumperoo seat on a truly sturdy steel frame.

The seat is not only height adjustable but can also rotate 360° around the toy activity center. We absolutely LOVE that the baby jumper can also fold up for storage!

This is the baby jumper we use at home for our newest bubba!  She absolutely adores it!  The elastic bands provide the jumper with just the right amount of bounce, keeping her occupied and happy (whilst I can get on with life and get some chores done!)

2. Activity Toys included with the Baby Jumper

The baby Rainforest Jumperoo features an abundance of toys, all conveniently situated around the 360° swivel chair.   Toys are located at 5 points around the platform.  

There are toys to touch, to push as well as toys to pull.  The toys are all brightly colored and contrasting in color to catch your baby’s interest.  Our little girl was often pretty happy just chewing away on the chew toy.  She also LOVED the soft toys dangling above her head and she often reached for them to pull them closer for inspection.

Our top pick from the Fisher Price baby jumpers range!

Toys featured on the Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Jumperoo include:

  • two soft dangling toys,
  • a bobbling elephant,
  • a clear spinning bead ball,
  • a tiger that plays hide and seek,
  • a spinning lizard that makes rattling sounds,
  • a tethered chew toy and even more.

fisher price rainforest bouncer

At the front of the Fisher-Price bouncy seat you will find an electronic toy that has motion, music and lights. (This feature requires batteries and has got an off and on switch when the sounds get too much – I know that when I’m overtired I don’t always handle the baby toy noises very well!)

The recommended Fisher Price Jumperoo age is usually from around 4 months (when baby has good head control!)

3. Ease of Use of the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo

Assembly:  The Fisher Price Baby Jumperoo Rainforest is easy to assemble.  You should have the jumper up and running in around 15 min or less!

Storage: The Rainforest baby jumper’s frame pivots to a nested position so it can be tucked away when not in use, and as it is a foldable jumperoo you can carry it from room to room; making it a portable jumperoo.

baby jumping toy fisher price baby jumper

How the baby Jumperoo Fisher Price Rainforest fold up!

Weight: The Fisher Price baby jumper has steel frames which makes the jumper lightweight and easy to move around.

Cleaning:  You can remove and wash the seat of the Fischer Price Jumperoo, which is really handy and actually kinda essential!  Throw the seat material in the wash and wipe down the rest of the toys!

Safety of Springs:  The elastic spring straps are covered with colorful, soft spring covers which aid in keeping baby’s fingers safe!

Adjustable Height:  The baby seat has three different height settings, which means that the life of this toy for your baby is that much longer!

 fisher price bouncy chair

This best baby jumper 2018 has 3 adjustable height settings!


4. Developmental Benefits of the Fisher Price Frog Jumperoo

This infant jumperoo is not only one of the top baby entertainers, but it also has developmental benefits:

  1. Sensory skills – Visual senses will be engaged whilst looking at the toys which are all brightly colored; together with the lights of the electronic toy.  The music from the electronic toy will stimulate the baby’s auditory senses whilst the toy’s texture will aid in tactile stimulation.
  2. Gross motor skills – the Jumperoo will motivate your child to reach and grasp the hanging toys and therefore teach them the skill of hand-eye coordination. He/she will also develop their motor skills when they jump, spin or move on their toes.
  3. Educational learning –  Your baby will also learn through curiosity and discovery – baby’s actions make things happen; helping him/her to understand cause and effect.

5. Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Age Recommendation

The age to use a jumperoo is truly dependant upon your own baby’s development stage!

You could use a jumper from as early as 3 months of age, but only if your baby can hold up his/her own head with full neck support. Please keep in mind that babies are all unique and different, we did not use a baby jumper with our current baby until she was 4.5 months of age.  There’s no jumperoo age limit; however, there is a jumping jumperoo weight limit!

6. Fisher Price Jumperoo Weight Limit

According to the Fisher Price website, you can use the baby Jumperoo until your baby/toddler reaches a maximum weight of 25 lbs (11 kgs).

7. Fisher Price Jumperoo Safety Precautions

The Rainforest Jumperoo is a safe and comfortable place for baby to sit and play whilst you get on with other things in the house.  Just make sure the jumper with your baby is always in the same room as where you are!

  • The soft spring covers keep little fingers safe from pinching
  • The seat will hold baby nice and secure
  • The frame is out of the way from baby’s jumping area
  • The jumperoo has just enough bounce and resistance to keep baby entertained but safe
  • The Fisher Price activity jumper sits sturdily on the ground and has no chance of falling over.

best baby jumper Fisher Price Jumperoo

The Super Popular Fisher-Price Jumperoo – Rainforest Friends for your baby’s Fisher Price jumping pleasure!


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Overall Verdict

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Review

Best Selling Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Bouncer

  1. This is most definitely the best jumparoo on the market as far as value, fun and reliability are concerned.
  2. It is the best Fisher Price jumperoo! (and 6K other Amazon parents agree!)
  3. It is a free-standing baby jumper, which means you can move it around the house to wherever you are!
  4. Easy to set up.
  5. Lightweight but sturdy in design.
  6. Just the right amount of bounce.
  7. 360-degree rotatable chair.
  8. Beautiful bright colored toys to keep baby busy.

You won’t regret making the decision to buy this baby Jumperoo. Our baby loves her rainforest Jumperoo and I think she fully believes it to be the best Jumperoo for baby on the market today! But if you are not feeling convinced yet, you can choose another jumper for baby on our guide here.

Buy your Fisher Price Rainforest Jumper now!

And don’t forget that if you purchase this bag from Amazon, you can always return it within 30 days of receipt of shipment!





We hope you enjoyed our in-depth Rainforest Fisher Price Jumperoo reviews!  If you know you want a Fisher Price jumper, you might prefer to check out our guide on Fisher-Price jumperoos here.


Over to you:

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  • Are you going to buy this Rainforest Jumperoo Fisher Price?
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