Benefits of Running with a Jogging Stroller

Going out with baby strollers? This is a totally serious issue and, in fact, it is a running fashion world very common in countries like the United States and, more specifically, in cities like New York. And running with baby strollers has become the new trend thanks to which mothers and fathers who love runningdo not have to stop practicing their favorite sport due to the fact that they give birth to a beautiful baby: now running with carts of baby is possible (and expensive).

Of course, we must be precise and it is worth mentioning the fact that any baby car is not valid to go for a run. Therefore, in this article we want to try to convince you why going for a ride with baby strollers is a very good idea and instructing you on which are the best baby carriages for running that are available in the market.

Why buy baby carriage to run

All women who love running and who give birth are eager to get back in shape to regain their pre-pregnancy lifestyle. The problem is that the lack of time and the maternal need to be stuck to the baby at all hours prevented them, until recently, being able to do so as soon as possible.

For this reason, companies in the children’s sector and the sports sector have seen the business of equipping baby carriages with the necessary characteristics to turn them into sports baby cars suitable for running. And that is precisely what they have done. In this way, parents can go out running with an adapted baby sports car that will keep the child comfortable, safe and equipped .

However, being a novelty, there is still not a large number of sports car models to run but we will show you the models of sports strollers for running that have a better value for money at present. That will be after telling you what are the keys when choosing a good baby car to run.

8 Benefits of Running With a Jogging Stroller

1. First and foremost, he gets some fresh air.

I can actually see his body relax and his mood improve the second the garage door opens. Getting him outside every day might be the single best thing I can do for his physical and emotional health.

2. I want him with me ALL. THE. TIME.

When I get home from work I don’t want to forego one second of time with that little munchkin. I know how crazy this sounds but I even miss him when he’s napping one room over.

3. He will learn that outdoor physical activity is an everyday kind of thing.

The boost that accompanies sweating in the fresh air has a lingering effect that makes every other part of my day better. I am hoping if I teach by example he will come to understand how crucial it is to get outside and move.

4. He loves to watch the world go by

As we coast along he is often on high alert checking out the people, the sounds and the scenery we pass. He also gets a kick out of watching our dog cruisin’ along next to the stroller and continuously wagging his tail.

5. He’s super entertaining

The charge he gets from surveying his surroundings is nothing compared to how much I relish watching him take it all in. I can’t get enough of those little waiving arms and kicking feet or the endless stories he tells me in coos and blahs.

6. It’s a great way to get him down for a nap

If I play my cards right I can time it out so we run just before naptime and the movement lulls him right to sleep. The rub lies in maneuvering him out of the stroller and into the crib when we get home. It’s like a particularly high-stakes game of Operation where the buzzer is a crying infant.

7. My husband gets a break

Dads need me time too. It’s always nice to give my husband some time to himself to do things he likes to do – like cooking for me, cleaning the house or mowing the lawn.

8. You should see my triceps

Turns out pushing a stroller around is hard work. Every time I push him up a particularly steep hill I remind myself that I am one step closer to Michelle Obama arms.

If you’ve never run with a jogging stroller before, you might think it’s just like regular running with a really tiny running buddy. But stroller running is a whole other animal—a beast, really. It uses different muscles, takes a lot of patience, involves extra planning, and it’s just plain HARD. But it’s also a killer workout and a fun way to switch up your training when you want a challenge (or don’t have a babysitter).

If you’re thinking of adding a plus-one (or two, if you’re some kind of superwoman) to your next run, consider these dos and don’ts of running with the three-wheeled monster.