Best Toddler Travel Bed

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Best Toddler Travel Bed

Our baby is only 10 months old and she’s never been that keen on sleeping in her crib. She gets put down in it at night time but typically wakes a few hours later and insists on sleeping with her Mum in our bed. The big softies that we are we have allowed her to do this from about 6 months old – I was relegated to a air mattress in another room!

Once she gets older she’ll sleep on her own mattress on the floor. We live a fairly minimalist and transient lifestyle so our own bed is a king mattress on the floor too! So she won’t have far to fall if she ever does roll out.
When traveling we’ll be in the market for the best toddler travel bed that suits our requirements. Like a travel crib, a portable toddler bed will allow us to continue saving money on hotel accommodation by booking rooms with only 1-2 beds.

A toddler bed for travel is typically low to or on the ground, and the best ones have a raised edge so the child won’t roll onto the floor. They are either an inflatable bed, or a folding bed that may or may not need some light assembly.

What is the Criteria for the Best Portable Toddler Bed?

For a family of three that travels frequently our most important criteria are:

  • packing space
  • weight
  • safety
  • comfort

These days many airlines charge for every item of checked luggage. Up until now we have been able to avoid these charges by traveling domestically with only carry-on. We have become experts at packing very lightly.

As our daughter grows we will be forced to check more luggage but we’ll want to minimize this as much as possible. So a toddler travel bed that packs up light and compact is what we’re after. Having slept on an air mattress for some months, I can report that I generally find them very comfortable, but I noticed one curious and important downside in Winter. Air mattresses have no insulation so if you place them on a cold hard floor (we have polish8ed concrete)the chill comes right through. They need to have carpet or another insulated layer underneath them or else you freeze!

1. Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed, Brown/Green Forest Frolics

This is a foam mattress with a bumper surround which prevents your toddler from rolling out. The dimensions are 58 x 39 x 7 inches with the latter being the height of the bumper. The mattress itself is 1″ thick which is OK if placed on a carpeted floor, but some people find it too thin if on a hard floor. It has the benefit of not having to be inflated but it is the size of a large suitcase when folded up so would need to be gate checked when flying. The whole thing weighs 11.8 lb. The mattress has a cover which is not waterproof but can be removed for washing. Many people find the lack of a waterproof layer and ability to get spare covers annoying. The bumper has a zippered cover that can be removed for washing too. It comes with a carry bag but some find the bag and it’s zipper a bit flimsy for checked luggage so use a sturdier bag. As we fly a lot I think I would find this toddler bed too big to travel with.

2. Regalo My Cot Portable Bed, Royal Blue

This is a metal framed, foldable bed with a canvas top and a fitted nylon cover. No assembly required, it just folds and unfolds within seconds. When set up the dimensions are 48″long by 26″wide, and 7″ off the ground. It is recommended for children between 2-5 years, and up to 75 lb. This is an extremely popular option at an amazingly cheap price. Most children find it comfortable but some people have added some extra padding. It folds very compactly to approx. 23.5″x 9″x 7″, weighs only 6.2 lb and comes with a carry bag so it could be taken on a plane as a carry on item. It has no raised side bumper to stop a child rolling out as such BUT they lie in it like a hammock so it is very unlikely that a 2+ year old child would fall out. And if they did, they wouldn’t fall Moore than a few inches.

3. Mod Dots/Strps Pink Nap Mat

As the name suggests this is more of a nap mat than a bed, but I think it could suffice as a temporary travel bed, especially if you bought a piece of foam to go under it. What I like about this nap mat is that the mat and attached quilt are 100% cotton and washable. The mat has a pillow which should be removed before washing. The whole thing weighs only 2 lb, and is 50″ long by 20″ wide. It rolls up compactly (held together by velcro) and has a material carry handle.

4. AeroBed Mattress for Kids

Another great option is this inflatable travel bed which has a sleeping area of 50″long by 26″wide and weighs in at about 8 lb. It has surround bumper bars that are 4 inches above the sleeping surface. It comes with an electric inflation/deflation pump and a carry case. Inflated it is slightly smaller than a twin bed. It comes with a fitted fleece cover and you can use twin sheets on it if you which. It rolls up to the size of a medium sized sleeping bag. If traveling overseas you’ll need an electric adaptor for certain countries that have different voltages to the USA.

5. Disney Frozen On The Go Folding Slumber

I great option for your little princess! It has a fold similar to the Regalo above and is a a little more elevated off the floor. It is a hammock style so not easy to roll out of. Some say it has a sturdier look than the Regalo and this would fit with the increased weight of 10 lb. It come with a fitted and padded nylon sleeping bag and attached pillow which the little girls will love because of it’s Frozen decorations. It’s dimensions are 53″ l x 27.6″ w x 13.8″ h. It isn’t stated by the manufacturer but it sounds like the eight limit for this bed would be about 50 lb as some people have had issue with it about this.

6. Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress Bed

This is another great inflatable toddler bed and the most popular seller on Amazon. It comes with it’s own electric pump that inflates and deflates it quicly within a few minutes. With the pump it weighs about 7.8 lb. It is edged by bumper bars which are higher at the sides and fairly insignificant at the ends. A few people have said the bumpers didn’t prevent their child from rolling out. The inside sleeping area is 28″ wide by 47″ long and about 4.5″ high. It has has a patented tucking facility that allows you to tuck in a crib fitted sheet and blanket around the edges of the inside mattress. The sleeping are is flocked for reduced noise. As with Aerobed it can withstand weights up to 150 lb! It rolls up to a compact 16″x7″x7″ size when deflated, and comes with a nylon carry bag.

7. Minds In Sync Aquatopia Deluxe Memory Foam Nap Mat Set, Frozen, 19″ x 46″

minds in sync aquatopiaThis is a great option as a cot mattress, a nap mat for daycare or an overnight travel mattress for children up to the age of about 4 years.The mattress itself is 1-1.5″ memory foam and very comfortable by all accounts. It has a detachable non memory foam pillow with pillowcase and an attached warm fleece blanket. Rolled up it’s dimensions of the mat are approximately 26-28″ x 11-12 and it weighs 2.6 lb. It has clip to keep it folded and a handy carrying strap. When laid out the mat is 19″X 46″. The mat, blanket and pillow case are machine washable on a gentle cycle. the pillow is non washable.

Having looked at the options above I think we’d probably go for the Regalo My Cot Portable Bed, with the Aerobed coming in a close second. The Regalo is light, compact to travel with, has it’s own carry case, and is inexpensive. The Aerobed is also light, fairly compact and looks very comfortable. The only downside would be having to take the inflation pump with us as extra luggage.