Are you feeling like your baby-love is ALWAYS attached to you?

Do you feel like you NEVER have both your hands free to just get on with chores? 

Top 5 Best Doorway Jumpers 2017

Why do so many parents LOVE doorway jumpers?

Do you ever wonder how other parents seem to get so much done, when you feel like you are constantly holding or entertaining your baby?


Baby door jumpers are fabulous for getting baby out of your arms!  You have this stage where your baby desires exploration, discovery and movement; but yet they can't crawl or walk yet!  The baby jumper is the perfect solution to keep them entertained, active and happy whilst you can enjoy some time with both hands free (maybe enjoy that cup of coffee whilst it is still warm)!  The trick is just to find the best doorway jumper for you and your gorgeous baby-love!

Benefits of a Doorway Baby Jumper:

  • Helps baby to release some energy and get some exercise (our bub worked away a bit of her chubby leg fat haha)
  • Great boredom buster for bubs, and great to have bubs out of your arms for a change!
  • Developmental toys keeps baby's brain and curiosity engaged.

Best Doorway Jumper | Graco Bumper Jumper

The Top 5 Best Doorway Jumpers for 2017!

Graco Bumper Jumper

Graco Bumper Jumper
  • Safety features to keep your baby safe no matter how much he/she bounces
  • Anti-slip mark free clamp to keep your frames/walls mark-free!
  • Does not fit all doorframes!  Only fits doors with a max width of 16.5cm.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper

Evenflow Exersaucer Door Jumper
  • Made to fit perfectly on door ledges as small as 3 inches
  • Strong hidden spring
  • The spring could be more 'bouncy'

Baby Einstein Door Jumper

baby einstein door jumper
  • Padded seat ring for baby's comfort
  • Includes 4 repositionable ocean themed toys
  • Tricky to put together

Bright Stars Door Jumper

Bright Stars door jumper
  • Soft pillow provides a perfect fit for baby
  • Strap allows adjustment to baby's height
  • Only fits normal height doorways

Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper

Sassy seat doorway jumper
  • Toys can be removed for extended play
  • Unique lock mechanism for added security
  • Not as comfortable for little babies

Doorway Jumper Features:

Try to look out for these features in your choice of a Johnny Jump Up or Doorway Jumper:

  • Weight:  Make sure that the baby jumper is suitable for your baby's weight!  
  • Jumper Seat:  Do have a look at the seat.  Does it look secure?  Does it look comfy?  Is there enough padding there if your baby is still on the younger side?
  • Door Frame Clamp: Have a close look at the door frame clamp!  If there is double security there, it would be a better buy as the other jumpers have a tendency to slip off the frame if not secured on properly! 
  • Adjustable Height:  Make sure that the jumper can adjust to the height of your door frame!  If your door frame is taller than normal it is important to find the jumper that will allow your baby to still touch the ground.
  • Toys:  Some babies love the addition of the toys to the jumper whilst others can get over stimulated with too much around them!  The great thing about most of these jumpers on our page is that the toys are removable! Which means they will suit both kinds of bubbas!!  We love toys on ours, as baby will tend to play with them when she doesn't feel like jumping!!  

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